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Default Favorite Game

My favorite game of all time would have to be Final Fantasy 7 that came out on the PS3. It was just revolutionary in terms of graphics and gameplay for me. Growing up in a single income family, my mother could never afford to buy me video games although every Christmas I wanted the newest system/consoles that everyone else seemed to be getting. My brother in law who wasn't at the time happen to have a ps3 that he brought over once in awhile. He had bought Final Fantasy 7 and once I saw the graphics, the gameplay, and the story intertwined it was just everything that anyone should want in a game. You could just tell how much work and effort was put into this game. The love was there and it just showed. Unfortunately this game happened to be on the PS3 and not a nintendo console, but I just had to share my thoughts. I guess if I had to choose an NES game, then it would be Mega Man X. A great game/series in its own right, but FINAL FANTASY 7 is my all time great. Cheers and thanks for running this promotion blowout. Hopefully I stand a chance to win the Wii! Merry X-mas to all.
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