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Originally Posted by pepsiporch View Post
Its funny Prizm is the first $100 box that is not affordable . All these idiots spent $2800 for a case of exquisite where you were lucky to get back $500 . Prizm you can get on average 2-3 golds rookies that actually sell and most cases have a irving ,durant,kobe,griffin auto .

I was in the hobby shop the other day and owner was complaining business is slow . Yup its slow you idiots you sold cases for $2800 and robbed the collectors or chasers
Yeah I got a case on the way, im just saying its not getting listedon ebay, Ive seen like 3 kyrie refractors in the past week, and no golds ever.

I like the stuff, did I find a way around paying 1200? Yes i did. lol
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