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Default One of those thoughts on the hobby posts...

Thrill- the not knowing factor of opening a box appeals and there is good and bad to it. Ultimately learn to control your itchy hands.

Appeal- singles i buy, i know what i am getting. And by the time i get it, the appeal is gone. I still buy singles to complete my PC and adding more inventory.

Case breaking - if you can afford it, know that you will always lose or 99% of the time lose in terms of capital invested. But you might win if you get what you like. Have fun doing it but dont do it too often. You may hit 2 big cards and barely break even. This hobby is getting too money minded, dont want to lose, leave the hobby.

Panini- improved customer service but dont open basketball. I bought 8 boxes worth of hits for the price of a box. Case hit inserts are NOT hits.

Redemptions- companies have pre-approved deadlines to release products to stay competitive. While we hate redemptions, we also must fault the players for not fulfilling obligations. Players know they are not paid much for each auto so this is not the priority of the day for them. And if you tell companies to pull redemptions, then whatever set or value of the product diminishes, this is a business, too bad. You think the companies will force players to sign? And when you earn 400,000 to 5,000,000 a year, if it was me and i stand a chance to lose a 5000 cheque for wasting time to sign stickers and cards, i lose it and do other things.

Business- its money for the consumer, the retailer and the manufacturer. No one is in this to help each other so those forum/facebook posts about not earning profit, not fair....tough thats life, deal with it. If you do this hobby to earn money, go invest in gold or invest in an education. The 1000-3000 you put down on cards cannot beat any thing else. I work in investments and shared card collecting and the state of the hobby during a monthly toastmasters and most if not all colleagues agree, either you make this a real hobby or get out.

Product collation- jordan todman attended the premiere so guess what, he is a so called case hit player so those who complain i got all scrubs....dont open if you cant take a loss. I think Panini did good in NT, for every Todman box, there was anoter RAP.

Feel free to disagree
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