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I snagged only one from the eBay midnight madness. Though, thanks for posting a reminder. I totally forgot about that release this week. I know I'm in the minority and catch hell for it every time I say it, but a vast majority of these sketches are quite poor. You can tell these artists are now so rushed to get stuff done for these companies that their quality suffers. You can even see it from just one artist, in some instances. One character sketch might be okay, at best, another one absolutely stunning. Probably drawn on different day, etc. I was in for boxes/cases a few years ago, but now will just pick up a single sketch here or there if I like it enough. I lean far more toward the value of tracking down these top artists and just getting on their lists for Artist Proofs. You get a character you want, on a larger surface in most cases, and you can get a pose/costume you really want.

These artists all do spectacular work, and each style is complimentary to the product. It just really gets discouraging seeing people break cases and get, perhaps, only one sketch that'd be lucky to pull $75 out of it. I do look forward to seeing all the goodies that everyone picked up from this one over the next few days!
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