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Originally Posted by pepsiporch View Post
Its funny Prizm is the first $100 box that is not affordable . All these idiots spent $2800 for a case of exquisite where you were lucky to get back $500 . Prizm you can get on average 2-3 golds rookies that actually sell and most cases have a irving ,durant,kobe,griffin auto .
You mean 350-500 or more back on a single guaranteed Jordan auto per case? Then the other cards you get in the case.

It's easy to take shots at Upper Deck, but it's also easy to overexaggerate a situation. Prizm is a nice looking product, but at 100 bucks a box, you're going to have to rely on selling a crapload of commons and base lots to try and get money back. The auto hits you get in each box will most likely be common or 'b' level stars from the 80's and 90's that won't get more than 10 bucks on ebay, if you're lucky.
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