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I was a huge bash brothers fan when I was a kid. I lived in norcal so I grew up as an A's fan. True he juiced. Its sad, but so have thousands of others. He was a real talent at one point in time. I would not spend the money to buy his stuff anymore but I can see a following for hime still out there. Just becouse a guy is an idiot doesnt neglect the fact that they still had huge talent. And one thing to his credit as someone else already stated, regardless of the motive, he at least has been completely honest about exposing himself. It takes some sort of character for a man to stand up to the scrutiny that he has taken over his honesty. I wish everyone who used would just come out and be honest about it as he did. I think if everyoine who used would just come out and be honest about it then the sport which I grew up idolizing, I mean eat, sleep, and dreamt about, baseball, could finally move on and get out of this negative light that has cast its ugly shadow for the past decade. Regardless of his motive, Conseco manned up to his shortcomings and he was a huge talent and there are still Conseco collectors out there. Good for him. I like to see possitive things come out of situations like his, especially when it comes to the greatest sport on earth, baseball.
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