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Default 6 Box Case Break 2012 UD All Time Greats Sports--DECENT

Well, I had a rough day at the office and figured I'd stop by the LCS for some chat and break a box or two..If I would have seen aclben's 18 box break, I would have stayed away from LCS got 2 of the 3-box sleeves (One 6 box case) of All Time Greats that showed up today, and I decided to rip...:

Box 1: Annika Sorenstam themed box---Auto 37/ did have a nice MJ parallel to 65 and a Jerry Rice #'d to 35, but bad overall..

Box 2: Troy Aikman themed box---Aikman Lettermen Auto #'d to 60, and some nice base/parallels of Bo Jackson/Kelly Slater/Richard Petty...still not happy, kept going...

Box 3: Wayne Gretzky themed box--saw his base on top..didn't open the pack, decided to do the other sleeve and open this last..did get a nice Larry Bird/10 in this box too...

Second Sleeve

Box 4: Bobby Orr themed box---nice Auto #'d 3/45..all base/parallels were hockey too, got an Orr/Lemieux/Gretzky...

Box 5: Bo Jackson themed box---nice Bo Auto #'d 5/20, and some nice football base/parallels also

Box 6: Barry Sanders themed box---nice base cards in this box as well.....

Scans below of the Gretzky and Sanders....keeping the 4 cards in the scan below for my PC---VERY PLEASED ...the rest goes off on auction tonight...Thanks for looking...sorry scan came out small, my LCS scanned for me, I don't have a scanner..Sanders is #'d 1/1, Gretzky is #'d 1/2. The base cards are very nice looking, I like the look of the product...and all autos being gold is a real nice touch.

Bird is 8/10, and MJ 24/65
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