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Originally Posted by MarshallCutler6 View Post
He has never rebuilt a team before. He bought up free agents before in Boston, he didnt rebuild. Im not saying he wont become a great GM, I really hope he does obviously, but hes overrated as of right now IMO. I have no reason to consider him one of the best Gms like he is considered though.
Who are the large free agents that the Red Sox "bought" for their first world series?

Here are all of the players added from when Theo Took over at the end of 2002, and during 2003 before the first title. I think you might change your tune pretty quickly. Eventually, yes, the Red Sox got into massive spend mode, not the first few years when Theo was building up the organization.

Kevin MIllar - Claimed off waivers, Peanuts

David Ortiz - Peanuts

Curt Schilling - TRADE

Todd Walker - Trade

Jeremy Giambi - Peanuts

Mike Timlin - Peanuts

Ramiro Mendoza - Peanuts

Bronson Arroyo - Claimed off Waivers

Jeff Suppan / Brandon Lyon - Trade for Freddy Sanchez

NO big free agent transactions leading to the World Series Title.

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