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Originally Posted by Ooosh View Post
My opinion (who cares, right?) is boomo signed up for this and I am not sympathetic. You don't half-ass anywhere in the process, especially when you can see the finish line. This whole thread was full of ridiculousness and I don't think it is ready to end!

Some people are boomo fans for reasons X, Y and Z but professionalism ranks high for me and there was none here. THAT SAID, good try boomo - you don't know what is going to work until you give it a shot.
Originally Posted by Major_League View Post

Everyone respects and understands this was a massive undertaking and a gross amount of work. Without this break many would have never had a chance to hit or own certain cards. Most are very thankful. However, In this forum Autos shipped without penny sleeve and top loader is simply unacceptable. I believe virtually all break participants would rather a few extra days in shipping time to receive autos in top loaders. I understand your frustration here as you feel people are being unreasonable. I think in this case we are simply asking for the industry norm.

WOW...look what we have here....what do these two have in common? Clearly the Canadian, Anti-American "Get-Along Gang" is out to get unsuspecting people....or someting like that

But in complete seriousness, I totally agree with both of them. I'd MUCH rather wait x # of days to have my cards shipped right (ie. sleeved and toploaded) then shipped a few days early. I know you had a huge undertaking but still...

If I invest my money in a break (say like Jenkinssssssssssssssssssssss above), my investment doesn't end until I have the cards in my hand; so I care almost as much about what I pulled, with how it's shipped. You better bet for $1000 (or any amount, I want my hits shipped in sleeves, at the minimum and toploaders with anything of any sort of substantial value).

Basically my point is, Boomo, I don't think you were out to do anything dishonest at all, and you took on a huge task. But you can't half-ass the end of the break, just because you want to rid yourself of the huge undertaking that you took on.
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