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Originally Posted by fungi2510 View Post
I know that I have never had h4auto buy anything of mine, and it is not like I was ever not in straight sell mode. He continually puts people and COMC down, and after the 75th time it needs to be done with.
Items Purchased 1,918

Shipping was great this month(fast,packed well standard shipping). Price is Reasonable for a 71 card shipment. I can understand why people think shipping is reasonable. AS for the 500 card shipments.. another story.

I only put down ONE PERSON , because that ONE person trolls on the other members in other treads. ONE PERSON and only ONE PERSON.

as for COMC, i like the site. Never posted about COMC outside of this board. My "rants" about shipping is to help COMC see what bulk buyers think about the shipping structure.
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