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I miss being a single college student was much simpler then.

Day started at 5:30 - get both kids ready for the day, eat breakfast, etc.

Drop of the baby at daycare (3 months old on Friday), drive my son to school and drop him off. He's a great kid and we always have the best conversations driving around.

Get to school and prep my classroom for the day - kids come in...have a lot of fun with my students learning all kinds of stuff. Do some planning and grading and head over to my son's school to pick him up. Grabbed the baby from daycare and headed to Kohl's to let my son do some Christmas shopping for his mom and baby sister.

Head home...Chili Mac for dinner, watch some MLB tonight with the kiddos. Spongebob for a little while and then reading time. Dad duty until bed time, kiddos are now asleep. So now I go back to work doing lesson plans and working on various classroom related items. Probably head to bed sometime in the next hour or so. Nice to stop by Blowout and peruse for a bit.
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