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Originally Posted by Dobber2330 View Post
Had to put the 16 1/2 year old dog down tonight - long day here...
so sorry to hear that man, the day we had to put my childhood dog down was the worst day of my life

I was a senior in college and my parents had just got into town for parents weekend, it was also the first time my mom had been out there since moving me out there my freshman year. They were at my apartment for maybe 15 minutes when my sister called and said there was something wrong with our dog and that he couldn't stand up.

She had to have a friend come over to help carry him to the car and took him to the vet, after an hour or so of back and forth calls with the vet, who my dad had used for almost 20 years and fully trusted, they decided they had to put him down because he was just in too much pain.

Needless to say it didn't make for a good parents weekend, I was a mess and couldn't stop crying all weekend.

The only good thing for me that I was able to take away from it was my last moments with him. That summer when I was about to leave, before walking out the door I walked over and sat next to him on the floor and started rubbing his back. He then put his head on my knee and gave out a small whimper, it was like he knew it was the last time we'd ever see each other.

I'm literally tearing up as I typed this, it hurts to think about every time, but that last memory of him is something I'll never forget as long as I live and it's a story I love to tell because I loved him so much. I know it's tough to think about now, but with time you'll cope with it and it will get better, hope the next few days aren't too rough for you.
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