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Default Shoul out to a GOOD ebay buyer

Well I thought I'd make a positive Ebay thread since we see so many about non paying, low balling, horrible buyers.

tnlcards recently purchased a Kaepernick contenders from me. Graded BGS 9.5 but the auto got a 9. The photo clearly shows the auto being a 9 but he missed it and won a pretty high auction. He immediately messaged me saying he didn't notice the auto graded a 9 which is fine mistakes happen. Honestly I just thought great there's no way this auction is gonna be completed now. He only asked that I give the 2nd place bidder a second chance offer which I did and got no response. I messaged tnlcards last night letting him know providing him the link to the second chance offer auction and he came through and paid instantly.

Just wanted to let the community know this is a good guy if he uses this site great if not I just wanted to share a positive experience with a bidder who came through.
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