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Default 15 Boxes of UD All-Time Great "WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!'

Told myself 3 boxes at most, but again, failed to hear that person inside my head (or maybe I did and it was the wrong anyways, all I can do is laugh about the horrible break... If you don't want to throw up, please stop reading now!!!!

Here is the quick break down...

1 LBJ /7
1 Jerry Rice /20
1 Petty Book /30
1 Donovan PT /15
1 Sakic /50 (yeah...50, I said it)
1 Hogan /20
1 Orr /25 and 1 Orr book /20 I think
1 Rose /20 and 1 Rose PT /10
1 Bo Jackson book...

and the best part!!! here it comes!!!

4 Slater autos (3 of them in the case mini case!!! You hear it right, 3 in one mini case!!!!)

1 Dual force Aikman/Bo Jackson /15 but wait, it was missing Bo's autograph!!! That's right $325 premium product with missing on card autograph...

So..I got my nutz kicked, and a-hole is sore at the same time!!! My LCS is calling UD to make a complaint about the dual auto and the Slater case. Apparently another customer before me had 3 bo jackson in the same case... NICE!!!! We will see what UD says about that... The picture what loaded up on their facebook, but it was taken down in 10 mins...haha...

Oh, I also got Pete Rosed!!! If you haven't heard already, the top card of the pack is what you usually get as the auto... except when you get a MJ on top, it might be a Pete Rose Auto... and that is what happened to me as well as two other breaks that I know off...

I have spent way too much money with UD and they might have just lost me as a customer for life!!! This is what happens when you make your customer flush 4g down the toilet!!!

20 people on the checklist, but they failed to tell you that not all signers are equal odds... that is some BS...15 boxes I should have gotten 2 of either MJ, Gretzky, Tiger, or Tyson... but I got 4 Slater!!!woohoo
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