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Originally Posted by WhacksPacks View Post
Potential to be the worst product for the money of ALL TIME.
We've had a lot of those lately..
Panini Prime Cuts 2011 and 2012
Panini Cut Signature
Now this UD disaster
It would be a wonderful product at $150-199.99
It is a disgrace at $300-350
Oh... I am not even going into that... I am just stating that UD really f'd up by screwing the customers in term of advertising the product, collation, QA and just mind f'd us:

1. 3 Slaters in one mini case, come on... that is a joke

2. Dual auto #'d 15 without a second auto?? this is on card, not a when you get the cards back signed from the athlete, don't you check if the auto is on the card?? When you pack out the cards, don't you check the cards?? especially the set that you heavily promoted on your sell sheet??

3. Looks like there are short printed signers (Group A), but they never said anything being a SP on the sell sheet. The sell sheet makes it look like you have equal odds of getting all 20 signers... They can advertise 1 MJ per case of Exquisite to boost sales, but won't for SP signers for ATG.. that is unethical Business practice in my opinion...

4. Then the MJ on top and Pete Rose auto... they set up the sequence to have the top card as the same player as the auto... that is true in all players other than Jordan from what i've seen.. If I see a rose as the top card, I am already slightly disappointed, but now you kick me in the nutz harder by showing me MJ on top and then give me a Rose auto.. they did this on purpose and that is just sad... just mix up the base card with the autos so the customer doesn't "expect" a certain auto due to the top card... That was the cherry on top!!!

If all the things above were corrected, then I have no problem still paying 300 per box even though I will still be losing... At least I would have some fun, either 2 of the 4 big names to show for and a dual auto card that actually has 2 autos!!!!!

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