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Originally Posted by jr24ai3 View Post
If you are a dealer and see that cases are selling between $2500-$3000 online, what's the issue with charging a similar price? If a price is lower online customers always want the shop to try and match a price. Shouldn't it work both ways? And don't forget, collectors and chasers do have a responsibility to know what they are purchasing. If you don't do a little research before spending $2500-3000 I really don't feel bad for you. If the market (ebay) is at $2500, a shop really isn't ripping anyone off by selling it at a similar price.
While I agree with the consumer having the choice and making that decision, what do you do when it comes to UD then?

This year from UD..

Retro : $300-$500/box
Exquisite: $500-$800/box
All Time Greats: $350/tin (1 auto)

And the topic of this thread is Affordable? I dont know, $100 doesnt seem like a reach for a box filled with chase, 2 autos on average and paralells. Seems like a more affordable product compare to $100/card packs that resell for $12.
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