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Originally Posted by briscogun View Post
That was my initial thought, that it was a shill bid scenario, since it was only me and this one "private bidder". I mean, I came WAY over the top on a last second snipe, and it flashed green for like half a second and then... BAM! "YOU LOST"! I lost? I tripled the bid as a "just in case" because I really, really wanted it. Oh well. I was waiting for that Second Chance Offer of a few bucks less than my highest bid, then I would have known for sure it was BS.

Is there any way to know ahead of time that its a private auction? Can I see that somewhere and just missed it?

Thanks for the info and the response!
To find out just click the bids before you place your own.

Also, most shillers don't snipe. Not saying it couldn't happen, but it's not common. Chances are if you don't receive a SCO within the first day or two it was legit.
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