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My LCS called UD and here is what they said about the product...which I would have never opened if I knew the below.

Case hit (6box) would be ONE of the following, no wonder they didn't put this on the sell sheet:

Jerry Rice
SPX Force

So 3 of the 6 (maybe 4) case hits won't even pay for the BOX!!!! Also, add insult to injury... Here is the breakdown of my so case hit:

1 mini box SPx DUal force auto of Aikman/Bo Jackson /15 with missing auto (Orr and Hogan were the other hits)

1st full case was Lebron and Rice (Orr, Slater, Rose, Donovan were the other hits)

2nd full case...none... 3 K Slaters on one side, 1 Rose, 1 Petty, 1 Sakic on the other....

Not sure what they will do... at least they apologize for the missing auto on the LCS owner is going to follow up with them and see what they will do...
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