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Hadn't heard of this previously - I've sold well north of 2,000 cards now and never had it happen. Makes me want to rethink the whole Amazon thing as they are a small part of my business.

Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Hopefully this clears it up some:

Getting ready to list your items on Amazon | COMC Blog

I'm wondering if these were cancelled orders through Amazon rather than returns.

Per Tim Getsch:

We have had the same return policy for a few years, and it hasnít changed for Amazon. Buyers get one week to once they receive their items to let us know if they want to return anything. They then have another week to actually send it back to us. We have a very low return rate, so we nearly always absorbed that cost instead of passing it back to the seller. We have had only a couple high dollar cards returned in the past 4 years that we had to put back into the original sellerís account. Everything else, we absorbed.
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