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Originally Posted by Mattsurewood View Post
Best of luck Sizzler, that blows. I looked at the checklist on cardboardconnection..there is only one Pete Rose base card, and 7 Jordans...that is probably why we see the Jordan/Rose base/auto boxes...still not fair, and crazy with the overall QC, Slater/Rose should not be that heavily populated or even in the product..I feel very fortunate with my 6 box case after seeing everyones breaks.
I understand there might be less Jordan auto than base.. but then don't pack the card where they are in sequence where player on top card = player auto..just mixed them all up.... not that hard...

they probably hand packed the boxes, and realized no more jordan autos left, so stick Rose instead... they never thought what the customer might think... and if they hand pack the boxes, I assume they hand packed the cases.... so how do they explain 3 slater in one mini case..or the other customer where 3 bo jackson in one mini case?? That is just lack of effort and QA in my opinion...
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