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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
he has no industry standard, his situation is not like anyone else. he's the only one doing it on that level.......

your telling me a company that ships a thousand cards overseas washes them all real pretty before they ship them out? NO.... they ship in bulk........

the dealer then shines it up pretty & gets it ready for sale.

it's all these graded card freaks that cause this bull.......

the card company doesn't give a damn what your card grades, why should boomo?

unless it's damaged YOU HAVE NO COMPLAINT.
one case break, or 50 cases. doesn't matter, if it's run for profit, i think we all expect the same care taken to protect cards.

and in your analogy, the company ships in bulk and the dealer shines and sells the items.

which was boomo in this case? the company that made the cards, or the company that sells them to consumers? seems like a dumb analogy to me.
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