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Default Group Break Poll

Ok.... thought this deserved it's own thread so as not to clutter up "other" threads.

If you spend money in a group break, for whatever product (any year, any sport, any price range).... How do you prefer your items shipped?

1. No penny sleeve, no top loader, PWE?
2. Penny sleeve, no top loader, bubble mailer?
3. Penny sleeve, Top Loader, Team Bag, bubble mailer?
4. Depending on the amount of "items" mailed, option 3 plus other protective measures?

I have hosted group breaks and I have my own methods of shipping cards (just check out my feedback)... but I will let you guys/gals discuss.

I cannot control how a company packs out it's cards, and that is from creation to getting the item to your Hobby Shop or favorite Distributor. I cannot control how the US Postal Service, UPS, or mother nature disrupts getting your items to you. But there are certainly means which I, as a breaker, CAN control.....
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