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Originally Posted by MI Rob View Post
"This is what happens when you make your customer flush 4g down the toilet."

How exactly did Upper Deck MAKE you buy their product?
Sorry..let me correct that... "Trick your customer to flush 4g down the toilet" feel better now???

No one made me buy the product...I understand that...However, we all expect some type of return for our money when buying product (it could be monetary or satisfaction with the product).. Again, I am not saying I need to make my money back... but when someone tell me that the product has a 20 signer list (without mentioning if there were short prints) and I buy 15 boxes...A normal person would assume you probably get at least two of Jordan/Wood/Gretzky/Tyson... That is simple math...

They didn't disclose this on the sell sheet, and now we find out what the case hits are supposed to be?? again, deceptive business practice...
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