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I can answer to the situation to help put it to rest. As far as I know, Freeman is a good seller and took care of it in the end.

1 I paid for cards
2 accidentally left him feedback while trying to leave for another member
3 never received the cards
4 found them on Ebay under an unknown seller
5 Freeman refunded my payment
6 we both spoke with the seller on Ebay to try and figure out how they got them and still not clear as how he did
7 seller helped by selliing one of the autos they had left to Freeman for "my unknown" price which Im sure was less than what he was trying to sell for so he lost out Im sure
8 I paid Freeman back the amount for the one auto, Freeman paid the Ebay seller and the seller sent the card straight to me!
9 Problem solved! I got one of the cards, Freeman got money for that one and the gracious Ebay seller probably lost out but was happy to help
10 So my positive early feedback held ground and all parties happy

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