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Default So blowout sent me the wrong box, and this is how it was handled

Okay, so it's no secret that my oldest son Dane who is 4 likes to open packs of cards. I sold his Clay Matthews SPA auto rc to a member here, and after fees and shipping on the sale portion, it was around $30. I always match whatever money he gets. So he has $60 to work with. I needed some supplies, so I ordered a ton on blowout, and a box of 2012 Prime Signatures ($60 box)

I come home for lunch so Dane could bust, but the wife already laid both boys down so I went in the basement, opened the contents and set the box on a shelf.

After dinner, I grabbed his box and he proceeded to open it.

He shows me an autograph that he pulled and it's Mark Herzlich. I think to myself "WTF is Herzlich doing in a 2012 product?"

Low and behold, the box is 2011 Prime Signatures. I've never opened either product, so I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between boxes.

I grab my receipt thinking I ordered the wrong box. Nope, got billed for 2012, shipped 2011.

So, we are SOL. We already opened the box, so it's not like I can return it.

I emailed Danny, explained the situation. Basically just to put people on notice so they don't ship the wrong things to other unsuspecting buyers. I admitted it was my fault because I didn't closely examine the box before opening, and wasn't asking for a refund or anything of the sort. I just wanted to raise awareness, as some people couldn't withstand a $60 loss.

He emails me this morning stating to take a pic of the box and contents, he'll shoot it over to his sales dept and see if they will refund me $24 (2011 prime sigs is listed at $36, 2012 is $60)

I said that's fine and I can take some pics when I get home from work and shoot him an email this evening. I also mentioned that he could just credit my account $24, as I'm sure I'll order sometime in the near future.

He replied and gave me a $24 gift certificate in my account to offset the price between 2011 and 2012.

They didn't technically have to do anything, as it was my own fault for not realizing it was 2011 rather than 2012, but they made it right with me anyway.

Sorry for the long read, but I just wanted to share my experience with how blowout treats their customers. They have and always will be my exclusive company for my online orders.

Thank you again Danny and Blowoutcards.
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