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Originally Posted by saintsfan9 View Post
why dont you think they had to do anything? the very least they could/should do is refund you the difference, which is what they did.

just my opinion.
I think you missed the part about opening the box - after that they don't have to do anything.

If a store ships me the wrong size sweater, and I wear it and have it dry cleaned, I can't then return it because I noticed their mistake after I made the mistake of not checking it over.

Or what if Best Buy sends me Madden 12 instead of Madden 13 - I play it over and over again - and then I realize I want Madden 13. Is Best Buy going to refund me the $25 purchase price difference because I didn't check it when I got it? And then I used it?

Grant is right - it's very nice of BO to do (and I'd expect nothing less) - but once that box is opened it's on the buyer for not inspecting it.
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