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Will the next thing you tell us is that there is no Santa Claus?

Sure Blowout made a mistake, but they handled it in a way that made the customer happy. That is a definition of customer service.

Originally Posted by saintsfan9 View Post
no I actually didn't miss the part where he opened it. Why would it matter if he opened it? They still sent him a box thats almost half the price. It's a good thing he noticed, regardless of when.

If you go to bestbuy and pick up madden 12 instead of 13 thats your own fault. They shpped this to grant so it's not his fault. Not really something to compare.

If you put on a sweater and it was the wrong size you would know right away. If it didn't fit why did you wear it?

Lol I know those are just example but they are awful ones.

I'm not trying to argue here but there is no reason BO should have kept the profit of sending him the wrong box.

The box is opened sure, but it's not like he is trying to return an opened box. He is keeping it, so it makes sense to refund the difference. Yes, BO is a great place but I dont see this as an example of great customer service. It's what I would expect from BO or just about anyone else to do.
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