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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
SCB hosted the last break I was in - so I'll use that as an example. I agree with him - almost 100%.

I don't think EACH card needs to be sleeved, but rather just the inserts/refractors/etc, and then top load all the "hits", as you mentioned. As long as all the cards are secured inside of team bags, then all those extra penny sleeves really aren't necessary, in my opinion.

Put 'em all together in a bubble mailer and you're good to go.
While I don't keep my own base cards sleeved I look from a "business view" as If I'm expecting cards from a group break I'd appreciate all cards to be at least sleeved.

Kind of like the saying "treat other as you would like to be treated" for me it's "ship others cards as you would like yours shipped"

Something like that anyways, regardless how cards are shipped the only thing that matters is that everything arrives secure. If you can do that then you should be fine, also never ship PWE without asking the buyer first if they're ok with that.
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