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happened to me on BlowoutTV with a BC order....everybody was snatching up 2012 BC on release so I had the itch for 2011 BC....

I paid the more expensive box fee with paypal receipt to prove....and on comes Danny with a 2012 box of BC.

I emaled in time prior to his busting....he opened the right product and was extremely apologetic of almost "ruining" the break.

Either way like members have stated, BO customer service has never let me down.

Good on you to acknowledge them.

On a different note...must be fun for the 4 1/2 year old playing with the packs...must be anxiety filled for you

My son is nearly 11 and I'm on him like a hawk

We always go over with some commons on how to open the pack and remove the cards...I know I must be driving him nuts but he got it down
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