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Originally Posted by GOWIFB View Post
Um, yes they would have to pay you back the difference! I think what people are missing here is that he ordered 2012 and it says 2012 on the receipt, then he got 2011 which is a much cheaper product. Even if they messed up and opened it without double checking the year on the box, the customer is not obligated to pay $60 for the box of 2011 when they sell for $36. It would be the same case regarding the video game. If you ordered online and paid say $60 for the new version of the game, but they accidently shipped you the old version which sells for $35, even if you opened it and they wouldnt take it back the least they should do is refund you the difference in price. Why should someone not be expected to get a refund for the difference in price when the item they received is $25 cheaper in the first place? As one other poster said, the minimum blowout should do is refund you the difference in the box prices which they did with no problems. Obviously they could have given more if they wanted to, but they arent obligated necessarily to do so
Yeah - go ahead and try that if you open something you order online, use it, and realize after the fact that it was the wrong thing. Good luck getting your $$ back for the difference.
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