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Default FS - 98 Bowman Peyton Manning RC Auto

Get it now before they head to the Super Bowl...Card is in amazing shape overall. I don't grade anything - but my guess would be a BGS 9.

Card has been selling well lately as people are starting to notice it more as a cheaper alternative compared to the Contenders - and much nicer looking overall then the Topps or Bowmans Best RC Autos.

Most recent sale was a PSA 9 at $550 about a week ago - there haven't been alot of others that have sold recently - most others were back in September/October and those were all over the place as far as prices - UPDATE - The Last raw sold on 12/10 for $450

Anyway for now I'll be asking $410 Cash/Check/MO or $435 Paypal.

I will listen to offers as well.



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