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My 18-tin break is in the break section but I agree with the folks above that this product is way overpriced and full of auto's that you'll be able to buy at under $40. The big value guys are extremely hard to pull and the lowe end guys are likely guys you don't have any passion for collecting. In other words, I'm a huge major sport fan but I getting a Hogan or Kelly Slater autograph is less desirable for than getting a major sport semi-star. In other words, I'd much rather have a Pablo Sandoval auto than Slater...

I actually liked Five Star and opened a ton of it. Of course, if the chipping issue is big to you, it's a horrible product. But I'm personally not a big condition guy when it comes to auto and relic cards. Yes, I got killed on a few boxes but I also pulled autos (sometimes multiple) of Trout, Pujols, Darvish, Harper, etc. and some really cool book and patch cards. Plus, I think some of these cards will retain their value as set collectors ultimately try to put together the set and find the singles harder and harder to find. Plus, when you weren't getting big hits, you were still getting lost of Hall of Famers, award winners, etc. so it's pretty hard to argue with their player selection (minus Napoli, Kruk, Ventura, Belle, Buckner, etc.).

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