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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
Dude - clearly I was talking about ordering Madden 12 vs. 13 online...

If open it, use it, and make it not in new condition to return (which obviously an open box isn't) there is 0% chance that Best Buy is just going to pay me back the difference if I didn't notice the error when it was shipped to me and I opened it and used it.

Once it's opened or used it's on the buyer for not checking.

Again - Blowout has top notch service - but to assume they owe anything back after a box that isn't inspected is opened is just not reality.
So in your eyes, it would be ok if they said, too bad, we shipped u cheaper stuff.

And to the person that said inspect it before you open it. I can go buy 5 boxes of 2011 at a hobby storey. order 2012 and say I got 2011. unopened. just as easily as opened.

I never said that they have bad service, BO is awesome. I just dont think that fixing their mistake is something extraordinary
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