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First off thank you for keeping us informed. Second do you have any info on retail? Or is it to early to say anything on it....

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
Wardrobe & Autographs should have a complete set of Season 2 cards out of about 2 cases. Ironically, the lowest qty Wardrobe Card is Dale's undershirt, and even that is within about 15% of the others.
All of the autos are pretty even, although Sophia's two versions could get a little off from getting both out of 2 cases. Everything I looked at in NC looked really good, without duplicates of Auto or Wardrobe out of a case.
Yes, you do get a Walker Wardrobe out of every box, but that never took the place of a Non-Walker Wardrobe--it was always designed to be in addition to the one Character Wardrobe per box. We did have a bit extra Wardrobe swatches, so we increased the ration from 1:24 to about 1:21, so you should get about 13 Character Wardrobe per case.
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