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Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
Wardrobe & Autographs should have a complete set of Season 2 cards out of about 2 cases. Ironically, the lowest qty Wardrobe Card is Dale's undershirt, and even that is within about 15% of the others.
All of the autos are pretty even, although Sophia's two versions could get a little off from getting both out of 2 cases. Everything I looked at in NC looked really good, without duplicates of Auto or Wardrobe out of a case.
Yes, you do get a Walker Wardrobe out of every box, but that never took the place of a Non-Walker Wardrobe--it was always designed to be in addition to the one Character Wardrobe per box. We did have a bit extra Wardrobe swatches, so we increased the ration from 1:24 to about 1:21, so you should get about 13 Character Wardrobe per case.
Awesome news! Thank you for the info.
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