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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
Yeah - go ahead and try that if you open something you order online, use it, and realize after the fact that it was the wrong thing. Good luck getting your $$ back for the difference.
I think you might be talking about two different things here. We are talking about if they have to pay you the difference back if you happen to open the item and realize after the fact it is the wrong thing. Again, yes they do have to pay you the difference back because they sent you the wrong item. Now, if you want to go a step further and talk about if they dont believe you or something, that is a different situation. But again, all we have been talking about is if they send you the wrong item and you use it do they have to reimburse you the difference between the cost of the items and the answer is yes. The other poster, saintsfan9, is correct here that it doesnt seem like its some grand gesture that they are refunding the difference in box price. That is what they should have done and its good to hear that it went smoothly.
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