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Originally Posted by nickha2 View Post
shipping my package out tomorrow as well, just raped it nice.

Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
You did what to your package???????? Still waiting for mine. I just hope it was not also raped.
It may as well have been...Heard some post office employees like to rape random parcels after closing time at the PO

Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
I am just thankful that you are not my secret santa. I dunno if I really would want that package, anymore. Probably has all sorts of emotional baggage.
Emotional as well as biological

Originally Posted by Strasburg View Post
Hahaha too funny. According to tracking the last part of my package is arriving tommorow. Hoping to ship tommorow or saturday.
Last part? Hmmm maybe a dead body?

Originally Posted by JosieDively View Post
I am also hoping to ship mine on Saturday. I won't be raping mine but maybe some heavy fondling for good measure.
again......whoa! I wonder what youll be sending
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