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I've sent in enough for 18 packs worth, and have received 13 so far (via other family member addresses). I'm still waiting on 5 packs that were addressed to my house.

5 of the 13 packs that have been received, were to a family member with the same last name and same zip code, this past Saturday. So I'm guessing tomorrow or Saturday will be my last hope.

Results for my first 13 packs:

Jorge Soler blue wave auto /50
Zeke DeVoss blue wave auto /50

Theo Bowe Red Wave /25
Maikel Franco Red Wave /25
Hanser Alberto Red Wave /25
Gregory Polanco Red Wave /25

And then because I was impatient I bought 10 packs off ebay:

Jose Campos blue wave auto /50
Williams Jerez blue wave auto /50

JaDamion Williams Red Wave /25
Sam Stafford Red Wave /25

Fantastic looking cards. And I'll say it again, these should NOT be redemptions. These should be an additional hit in the actual product or used as a box topper.
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