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Originally Posted by GrangerCollectr View Post
So sorry to hear about the horrible breaks. I hope Upper Deck makes things right with you!
What is UD supposed to make right? If a 3 box mini case had 3 Jordans would you send them back 2? Exquisite had a guaranteed Jordan auto/6, this stuff is 'try your luck'. Heck bad collation goes both ways, I opened waay too many Triple Threads Football boxes and my 1/1 from a nine box case($1600 and NO ebay worthy cards) was a Ben Jarvis printing plate. So I give up disgustedly and in a diff. case a guy gets a 1/1 "Leather" Andrew Luck triple patch auto AND a 1/1 NFL shield (non auto) Dez Bryant in the same box of Triple Threads! Win some lose some..
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