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Originally Posted by kevinandji View Post
Thanks for replies and keeping it positive. Even away from being card related his customer service is a perfect 10. When I say he called within 5-10 minutes of hitting send I just sat there with jaw on floor. That is class and whether hobby related or any other company that kind of customer service is not only rare but non existent.

Brian Gray said the goal was to have the card be at least 40% of what eBay's price point is. So at $200 you should expect an $80 slab plus the sketch card. That is his aim and he does his best to make it happen. Not too shabby since I know out of 11 boxes of 2011 Rookie Retro that is pretty much what 9 of the 11 boxes had. I broke even on a 9.5 Olajuwon rookie and a PSA 10 Tony Gwynn. I had a feeling this 9.5 Newton base had to be a mistake. Either way I am keeping the 9.5 Newton, sending in the Deacon, and getting new box. Of course I will let my fellow members know what it brings.

And no Backer....I never send food back, I don't like spit in my potatoes...hahaha. Please, please, please take Rusty off as your Avatar, it creeps me out big time.

Agreed. Unlike most of the other card companies, I've always had a positive experience when dealing with Leaf. Say what you will about their products (I'm sure the same could be said about every other company); their customer service is top-notch.
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