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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
nah i'll stay here, I just keep making money off breaks, so i'll stick around......
Looks like you make money over charging on shipping and sending in PWEs:

CHARGED $2 TO SHIP A CARD IN A SMALL PWE WITH 1 STAMP, TOP RATED HOW? Buyer: bronxbomber2003 ( 1608) Mar-21-12 07:54

Reply by teambrinkz (Mar-21-12 08:27):
The Auction Was Started At 1 Cent. The Price For The Card Was Above/Beyond Fair
2011 Bowman Tyler Bortnick Tampa Bay Rays Orange Parallel #'d 15/250 Prospect (#260973178817) US $0.71


So if I understand this correctly...this feedback left for you stated you charged $2 to ship a card in a PWE with 1 stamp. Your response was that you essentially did that because the auction didn't go high enough?

It's all starting to make sense now. You're defending the same type of service you give others.
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