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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
Does this mean I get new boxes for the $23 2009 sp authentic Mike wallace and the $34 2011 Finest demarco murray autos I pulled?
Or the $19 Warren Moon UD Black auto I pulled?

To the OP, I'm glad Brian Gray is making nice with you and all, but when you take a gamble on a product like this, you should be aware that you might take it in the shorts. And if his goal was truly placing an $80 slab in every pack, these cards should NEVER have been packed out in the first place, so I'm calling bull$hit on that.

Bottom line is you win some and you lose some, but don't go crying when you lose because you'll never do it when you win. If you pull a BGS 9.5 Tom Brady Contenders RC in the new box, are you going to send it back to him and say you got too much value??? Didn't think so...
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