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Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Buyers get one week to once they receive their items to let us know if they want to return anything. They then have another week to actually send it back to us.
Originally Posted by timgetsch View Post
Yep, you are correct. This was a canceled Amazon order. The buyer made a $300 order and canceled it the same day. Per Amazon's return policy (and ours) we have to honor that. Since that rarely happens on our site, we used to always absorb returns like this. However, Amazon returns/cancellations are nearly 10 times more common. So I finally wrote the code last night to reverse the order and put the items back into our inventory system.
So basically someone can buy something on Amazon and have what amounts to 2 weeks to either try to flip it, get it graded, or whatever else they want to do with it and if they can't make a profit, or if the card doesn't grade as high as they hoped, or if that player goes down with a major injury, they can return it with no repercussions?
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