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This is the sell sheet:

2012 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Sports Edition

No where does it say there are short printed signers, which we all know is the truth now. No where they advertise guarantee case hits, which again, we all know what they are now..

I break over $100k worth of boxes and cases per year. I know the deal, "you win some and you lose some"... That is the mentality that I have going into each break. But I also try to make the best decision on which product to break based on the information given.

I am not asking them to put a jordan/wood/gretzky in every case. I am asking them to be up front and honest on what they are selling. That is all. Let the customers know that there are short printed signer, let us know what some of the crappy case hits are. It is not that hard.

Four total slaters in 15 boxes is not a collation issue. It is there are more slaters/rose autos in the product... way more!! simple as that!!
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