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Originally Posted by brado8236 View Post
Or the $19 Warren Moon UD Black auto I pulled?

To the OP, I'm glad Brian Gray is making nice with you and all, but when you take a gamble on a product like this, you should be aware that you might take it in the shorts. And if his goal was truly placing an $80 slab in every pack, these cards should NEVER have been packed out in the first place, so I'm calling bull$hit on that.

Bottom line is you win some and you lose some, but don't go crying when you lose because you'll never do it when you win. If you pull a BGS 9.5 Tom Brady Contenders RC in the new box, are you going to send it back to him and say you got too much value??? Didn't think so...
Yeah your absolutely right...however, if a base 9.5 Newton is truly packed out and known on a checklist I would not take that gamble. I get a personal call from Mr Gray and he says this card should have never been packed out should I call him a liar? And then while I have him on the phone give him a big FU to everyone on here who cannot stand Leaf or him? If you think a 5-10% ROI on a repacked product is ok and just "taking in the shorts" then that's what your willing to take without any gripe. My letter to him was very professional, polite, and not whiny. I simply asked if a 9.5 Newton with recent eBay sale of $10 and some change was supposed to be in product. My phone rings 5 minutes later with an apology, an explanation, and an offer to make right but somehow there are those who find fault with either myself or Leaf and Brian Gray? I'm pretty sure if I start a thread about loving Santa, the laughter of children and World Peace somebody will throw me and my views under the bus. I shared my hit, or lack thereof, I shared my story of Brian Gray, and it is what it is.

On a related note I finished opening my case of 2011 Topps Chrome rack packs. The haul was no orange refractors of anyone top tier, one base Newton, a Gold refractor /50 of Rahim Moore and various base RCs, etc. No autos, nothing special. I expect that and am fine with that. Same with my case of 2012 Chrome football where most autos were from Criner, Allen, Poe, etc...I did hit a gold auto of Russell Wilson though so not too shabby...and to all a Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannukah, and again, thanks Brian Gray hahaha!
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