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Ill give you my reasoning to Kobe being GOAT in my opinion.. so as long you understand that the loaded question asked by Haiku is all subjective anyways.

Kobe in my opinion has the stats and accomplishments to put in the top rankings of the greatest players that played in the NBA. Once you get to that top ranking between lets say 5 players, everything comes subjective. Russell had more rings, Kareem had more pts, MJ had more MVPS etc.. Some people give certain criterias more pts than others. Some will say MJs MVPs are worth more than Russells rings. Or Kareems pts are worth more than this or that.

So picking a GOAT is pretty impossible until you throw your opinion into it. This is where my opinion of Kobe comes in. Aside from stats and accomplishments and Kobe being my favorite player, I look at determination and drive. Im not saying all the other guys didnt have it, Im saying Kobe had it more. Kobe put more effort into working harder to define his game, to better himself and made basketball his life. Again, this is not saying other players didnt do it, its just saying that I feel Kobe went the extra distance.

Kobe would finish a game and lose. He would go back onto the court after the game and take FTs, jump shots and layups. He would go back out after the game and try and fix whatever the issue was. On days off, he is in the gym conditioning his game. In the off season, he is doing anything possible to model his game to be better.

When MJ played, he defined basketball and the NBA. With kobe, his life was/is basketball. Two different perspectives.

I dont know what holds water when you rank who is the GOAT. But for me personally after number crunching stats and awards, it becomes subjective. THe reason above is what puts Kobe above everyone else there after. That coupled with him being my favourite player of all time.
Yes you are right cause Magic never did any of things you've mentioned and I'm sure no ther Laker has ever worked during offseason to develope their game
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