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Originally Posted by Portlaw View Post
Well last season there seemed to be an average of 2 of the big auto's in a case which means with there being 6000 boxes and 5 main cast that they each did 200 however some cases did have 3 and some with one so it's just an estimate so with all the extra signers and 2 new main cast I'd say 150 could be realistic
Yeah but they had less autos to try and fill in a case in Season 1&2. This time they got plenty more but I think they only did 5000 boxes for Season 1&2.

Based on 5000 boxes, there were roughly 416 cases. If there were 2 (with some at 1) per case, then let's say there was a total of 800 autos of the big 5 meaning 160 of each person.

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