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I think it's great the Leaf is helping out a customer. However... it IS a concern that Leaf put that particular card (and others mentioned above) IN the product if their goal was to at least have a target value of X% of the pack price.

How does a company learn what is good or bad? Numerous Awards for Great products, but also numerous complaints for a bad one. All of you that feel slighted for your Wallace, or Warren Moon, should absolutely contact Leaf and see what they can do for you. Maybe this will drive Leaf to up their buyback price limits and correct a flaw for next year's product? Or not even waiting until next year, maybe help improve their Best Of Leaf Golf (joking) that they release in 2 months.

Companies will NEVER improve unless we, the consumers, force them to improve. Again, my hat is off to Brian. But if they are allowing returns... I would use that to the max. Good luck all, I won't be breaking any of this. My 2 cents.
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