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Every team needs a second option, but under no circumstance was Jordan ever viewed as a second option as Kobe clearly was his first three championships.

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
What you say is to rile up kobe fans.

Ill make it simple..

What Shaq was to Kobe during those championship is exactly what Wade is to Lebron during their championship. A season proven WINNER (wade) showing / leading Lebron to his first taste of a championship. I mean if Shaq did that for Kobe, Wade did it for Lebron.

All I can is, Kobe did it with Shaq. Kobe did it without Shaq. Then did it again without Shaq for good measures.

Did MJ do it without Pippen?

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto
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