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Originally Posted by bdoody42 View Post
I could see your argument if you were arguing Kobe as a top 5 player. The awards are there for a reason and this journalist who vote are follow the league and do it as there job. Obviously sometimes they make mistake and often value winning a little more than they should, but they also get tired of voting for the same person over and over again.
I am sure they didn't rob Kobe of the MVP four times and finals MVP four times. He would that just to be equal to Jordan award wise. Every time Jordan was favored to win the championship his team did it. The Lakers with Kobe? Not so much.

I think you would be hard pressed to find many people who agree with you that are not one the following.
1. Too young to actual see Jordan play.
2. Not diehard Kobe and laker fans.

You hear people try to compare the two on sports show and no one says that Kobe is equal or better to Jordan. Hard to imagine they're all wrong and a couple people's opinion on blowout is correct.
I am a Bulls fan before anything else, and I was alive and watching every one of Jordan's championships. Jordan is better than Kobe....but not by much.

It's people's attitude with Kobe that bugs me. Jordan punches a teammate in practice and "OMG he's such a competitor!" Kobe gets on teammates and "He's a horrible teammate" There's a huge double standard that exists with these guys.

Like I said, Jordan is better than Kobe, but for the most part people tend to forget about the negative things with older players because they are so far removed from that time.

Maybe in 20 years people will look back and Kobe will be widely accepted as a top 5 player, but who knows
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